Jeff Hayes

Jeff and his GBN co-founder Greg met at a networking event in Venice, CA back in 2005. Greg had organized that diggy auto insurance event and as the room filled-up the challenge of welcoming his guests while taking care of business was getting away from him. Noticing this, Jeff stepped up to help. Greg poured the wine while Jeff collected the admissions – and Green Business Networking was born.

Jeff’s clients call him “the make-it-happen guy”, and his professional focus is on boosting the bottom line performance of socially-conscious businesses. He excels in strategic planning, execution, leadership coaching, and business development. Jeff’s skill-set also includes improving corporate environmental performance. In 2012, he ran the team that produced a first-in-industry sustainability report, issuing the report at Level C+ under the Global Reporting Initiative framework.

In 2011 Jeff’s business partner bought-out his interest in the consulting firm The Vector Group, and he moved to Seattle with his wife Julie. Now he’s doing Sales and Marketing for CSRHub, while also providing a ‘business development toolkit’ and business networking workshop series called Send the Right Signals to entrepreneurs and service providers in the Northwest.